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About Eliminating Waste

Professional and reliable waste management service based in Cornwall. Here at Eliminating Waste we pride ourselves on being a fully licensed, low in price and adaptable company. Our aim is to to be known for the amazing work the team provide and to help each customer to have their waste removed in a speedy, hassle free exchange to ensure a no stress environment. 
Our Promise

Our promise includes the legal and compliant disposal and recycling of your waste. Every collection of waste is recycled wherever possible to avoid landfill and aid in improving the quality of both the United Kingdom and the planet. You can be assured this is done to the highest level, as our mission is to significantly reduce the effects of waste on our environment.


The hazards of waste collection and handling are well known. For the waste industry in general, the majority of accidents involve vehicles. Reversing a vehicle is a hazardous activity, particularly if it is being backed into a confined space, We make sure all our staff our licenced and assess the any situation before committing.


In January 2014, the law for the carriage of waste changed in the UK. In short, if you transport waste of any kind, you are legally required to have Waste Carrier Licence, even if it’s only in small quantities.

What happens to your waste

We send all our waste to the top waste collection and recycling operator in West Cornwall. We also provide all customers with a duty of care waste transfer note so you know where your wastes ends up.

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